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Les Zutistes (which signifies “those who say ‘zut’”) were the members of a circle of anti-conformist poets founded in 1871 in Paris at the debut of La Belle Époque.

They counted among them Charles Cros, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, André Gill, Ernest Cabaner & Léon Valade. They joked, smoked, recited verse & played the piano at l’Hotel des Étrangers in the Latin Quarter.

These rebellious & bohemian poets represent today an ideal of independence, sophistication, & romanticism, an image perpetuated by Zutiste nœuds papillon and pochettes.

The creators

The history of Zutiste begins with the meeting of its two founders, Camille and Rous. Born in antipodes (in France and in Australia), it is a love of fashion and of fine fabrics, and a taste for tradition, that unites them.

Together, they dream of poetry, boudoirs, and their admiration of traditional savoir faire. They decide to create Zutiste so that they can transmit to the modern man the elegance of the gentlemen and bohemians of the la Belle Époque.

Designers and couturiers, but at the same time enthusiastic jazz dancers and appreciators of art, their inspiration is nourished from beyond the boundaries of fashion. In their hands the nœud papillon (French for ‘bow tie’), constructed from the finest fabrics, becomes an audacious and must-have accessory.


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