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The bow tie (nœud papillon in French) has rapidly established itself as Zutiste’s emblematic accessory. Exceptionally chic, it endures as the symbol of a stylistically demanding and refined epoch and of an uncommon elegance. To wear a nœud papillon denotes a state of mind that is impertinent, liberated and nonchalant.


The Zutiste wardrobe is made by hand in Paris from pure wool cloth entirely produced in West Yorkshire, England. The historic mills of Huddersfield notably Dugdale Bros, Huddersfield Cloth and Scabal use dying, spinning, weaving, and finishing processes refined by family generations to create fabric of rare provenance and exceptional quality.


That wool then enters the crafting process at Zutiste’s workshop in Paris where the basic shape is cut by hand along the bias of the fabric in the haute couture tradition of French tailors. These pieces are then stitched with interlining (not thermally-bonded interlining), which supports the fabric when it is worn and knotted into a bow, and then equipped with a size ribbon that allows adjustment for various neck circumferences. The stitches are then reworked by hand in order to guarantee a fluid line once the bow tie achieves its final form. Next, each piece is manually inverted, and the corners meticulously re-established by needle, before then being steam-pressed. Finally, the bow tie is closed with the aide of clasps, which make possible the adjustment for size. Last but not least, the Zutiste label is sewn on by hand using thread that complimentary to the wool’s colour.


These multiple manual operations necessary for the creation of a Zutiste bow tie or pocket square, and the care given to each step of its crafting, combine to produce an exceptional accessory appreciated by its clientele, founded in a profound respect for quality and for tradition.

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