A twill bow tie is a good choice when, in your occasional quest to reflect profoundly over the finer details of your ensemble’s interplay and the subtle messages that it communicates to your admirers, you’re searching for something that will tone down your outfit.

There are a few elements to this bow tie that ensure that result: first of all the fabric is worsted wool with its wonderfully muted surface and fine texture. Secondly, it’s dark blue, the safest of colours. Thirdly it’s a relatively traditional triangle shape, as opposed to the slightly racy, youthful diamond shape bow.

It, and indeed anything similarly in a plain, subdued worsted wool, is a neckwear accessory that comfortably identifies what you’ve thrown on as being the result of a certain level of knowing what you’re doing.

Yet, as is always the case in this day and age, the fact that you’ve put on something a little more daring than a necktie will give you cause to smile, likely undetected, at your the large shot of brio in your repertoire.

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