Nailhead bow tie

Zutiste navy nailhead bow tie

There’s something brilliant yet not brilliantly-shiny about a worsted wool bow tie.

On the scale of possible accessories to your outfit you’re often confronted with the difficult question of how much is not enough vs how much is too much?

Avoiding shiny surfaces in all facets of your wardrobe is a certain shortcut to appearing well turned-out while not looking as though you’re going, say, to the Oscars.

When was the last time that you wore a silk suit & silk shoes? Likely never. So why wear a silk neck tie or bow tie?

Enter worsted wool, which achieves a good balance between sharp yet relaxed.

And in the form of a bow tie you can take that extra leap beyond simply wearing a neck tie, to marking the occasion a little more discreetly (its smaller, after all) yet daringly (its a bow tie, after all).

Zutiste navy nailhead bow tie. Available now in our e-boutique.